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"Paint Thinner"

The sound of Getters always makes me feel like I'm going to hear one of their songs on the radio any day now.   Between artists like Neon Trees and AJR, I just feel like it's this rock sound with elements of pop that can have crossover into the mainstream.   It doesn't sound exactly like any artist currently on the radio but is close enough that this sound belongs among them.  So, I'm more surprised with each passing day that I don't hear Getters on the radio than I think I would be by actually hearing a song such as "Paint Thinner" come on.

Throughout the video for "Paint Thinner", Getters are riding around on bikes and there are some moments where the images are distorted but otherwise it feels pretty straight forward.  Getters also happens to be riding around Houston- where I lived once upon a time- and so it's nice to see that and be reminded of it.   What I love about Houston is that most people think of Texas as being cowboys and that sort of vibe, but then you can think of somewhere like Austin as being not as much of that.  Houston, though, has that cowboy vibe (like San Antonio or Dallas) but also that non-cowboy vibe (like Austin) and sometimes they even just happen to be on the same block.

As a visual I really enjoy this and feel like it makes me think a lot more about Houston and the music scene there.  People might think of Texas as being country music, but Houston has a strong hip hop scene as well.  But then, at the same time, Getters is neither really country nor hip hop and so it just goes to show you that great music from all genres will come out of Houston.  Also, it's really humid so I'm not sure I could ever ride a bike around Houston without sweating a lot more than Getters did in this video.

With the chorus of: "If you really wanna make it come on and make it with me / If you really wanna take it come on and take it from me" this song can be left to your own interpretation.  To me, I just think of it as being chill.   As a kid (pre-driving age) I spent a lot of time riding my bike around Connecticut, and so in that way I'm just reminded of those simpler times when I was younger, more relaxed.  This also makes "Paint Thinner" feel like a song for the summer- for warm weather and bright sun- but I feel like that can be true of a lot of the sound of Getters.  I feel like Getters need to be celebrated with an entire party.  


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