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One thing which I think people don't talk about enough when it comes to wrestling is that often times you can sell an entire show based just on one match.  Fans might not be willing to admit it right away, but if you really think about it no one says "Well, I really want to see these two fight but the rest of the card looks weak so I'll pass".  No.  You watch and hope for the best for the rest of the card and buy the show for that one match you really want to see.   Luckily, Pro Wrestling Magic has a stacked card for The Roaring Twenties II, even though I did initially decide on watching this show because of the Erica Leigh vs. Jordan Blade match.   This show is $9.99 on FITE TV and when I bought it they gave me a $1 credit.

Right away, this show is different from the rest as you can see it is set in black and white.   There is a line going down the screen as if we're watching some kind of old timey movie like out of that Buster Keaton era.  I know I might be jumping the gun here a little bit but imagine a match (or an entire show) which is silent like Charlie Chaplin.  You could even put those cards in between moves and pinfall attempts with text on them like "Only Two!" if there was a kick out.  

The first match on this show saw The Meadowlands Monster defend the PWM Championship against Sebastian Cage, who is the PWM Jr. Heavyweight Champion.   I believe this was only my second time seeing Sebastian Cage- as I remember watching him recently on VxS "In Too Deep", which was a loss to Treehouse Lee.  I've not seen The Meadowlands Monster before but he looks kind of like a lost Briscoe brother (the Jay and Mark ones in ROH) rather than having the appearance of an actual monster.  Still, this was a good match and there were a few times when Sebastian Cage hit moves which would have taken a lesser man down.  Consider The Meadowlands Monster one to watch by me.

PWM took us to the vault for a scramble match which featured Solo Darling, Sonny Kiss, John Tella, Tony Rush and Payne, who was at the time the Dark Arts Champion.   I honestly only really knew Solo Darling and Sonny Kiss going into this match and it was not easy for me to tell the other wrestlers apart.  I felt like I only really knew what was going on when Solo Darling was on the screen, but then Sonny Kiss also spent a bit of the beginning of the match not being seen.  Shout out to commentary though for giving updates on where these wrestlers are now and this was a fun match even if it left me a little bit confused.

Darius Carter is the PWM Dark Arts Champion right now and the deal with the Dark Arts Championship, to kind of make it simple, is that there are rules which can change based upon who is holding the title.  This is, I suppose, the magic of it.  So in the previous match Payne was the champion and the rules might not have been the same for defending the title as when Darius Carter is now champion.  There are also five rounds in this match, which I do enjoy seeing to some extent because it makes the timing of everything feel more important.  There are fifteen second breaks in between rounds.

Darius Carter has a challenge in front of him in the form of Billy Dixon, who, sadly, spent most of this match tied up in the ring post getting his leg worked over.  Darius Carter hit an illegal eye poke after a round ended and then made quick work of Billy Dixon after that.  I'm not sure why Darius Carter felt the need to cheat there, because it felt like he was winning, but big news coming out of this match was announced that Darius Carter and Billy Dixon would have their rubber match at the Cassandro Cup on March 28th only on IWTV and it's 2/3 falls!

There were four non-title matches before the main event.   I'm not sure who either the Dream Master or J-Heru are, but I know J-Heru had a tough time just getting his entrance gear off.  I enjoyed the Wrecking Ball Legursky vs. Chris Ryan match because it felt like Chris Ryan didn't stand a chance.  The stipulation was that if Chris Ryan could last five minutes with Wrecking Ball, he could have a tag team title shot.  So once Wrecking Ball pinned Chris Ryan it was 5:02.  Really, I just see this as being more punishment for Chris Ryan so I don't know if this is the wisest decision for him.   

Ace Romero and TJ Crawford had a great match with a lot of nearfalls and you just felt like you were watching something special as these two went at it.   American Murder Society also took on Brick City Boyz in a match which spilled out of the ring and then it ended in a double countout.  I saw one half of the American Murder Society once in person, but this was my first time seeing everyone else.  The Brick City Boyz look like they should be in a stable with Wrecking Ball Legursky because of how they dress with the bricks and all.

The main event saw Erica Leigh vs. Jordan Blade for the vacant PWM Women's Championship and it was on its way to being a Match of the Year contender.  Jordan Blade really just punished Erica Leigh during this match, hitting her with everything she had.   The story though is that even though Jordan Blade seemed to do the most damage during the match, it wasn't enough to put away Erica Leigh and give Jordan Blade that win.   It wasn't until the end of the match when Darius Carter came out and provided a distraction for Jordan Blade to get the win.   I truly feel like if Jordan Blade kept at it she could've won fairly, but maybe she couldn't have and that's why she saw her spot and took it.

Overall, I was really impressed with the work done by Pro Wrestling Magic.   On the production side they went out of their way to create a visual which felt unique and not like just another wrestling promotion.  The commentary was on point and I've said this perhaps too much but I feel like commentary can really make or break a show.  But the in ring action delivered with a perfect combination of names I knew going in and new faces I saw for the first time.   I also really enjoyed (and perhaps I can't stress this enough) how PWM kind of made notes about Paris Is Bumping and Camp Leapfrog.   

At least once a week I feel like I see someone tweet "Who is your favorite wrestler not signed to a contract" or some variation of that.   People tag maybe twenty or thirty wrestlers in response.  But that's always annoyed me because I don't want to tag a bunch of people.  I want to go back to feeling like instead of just watching the wrestlers we're watching promotions.  It's just easier for the collected talent.  I really enjoy all I've seen from Camp Leapfrog, so I'd use them as an example rather than listing each wrestler one by one.  And now I think Pro Wrestling Magic has to go into that list of promotions I enjoy.   For ten dollars, this is more than worth.  


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