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Let It Ride

The Sunday before GCW "Take Kare" I purchased that show on FITE TV.  If not the next day it was very soon after when I saw this show circulating social media.  My first thought was "But that's when GCW is", but then I figured out it was a pre-show of sorts for GCW- the two were working together- and so I could watch both as this started at 3pm on YouTube for free and GCW was later on at 8pm.   Once I figured out that I was able to watch this live and have a day of wrestling it made me quite happy.   

Let It Ride has this card on paper that you cannot deny.  The first match I saw was Manders vs. Calvin Tankman and I thought "I'll sit through a free show just to see that".  Then I saw Willow Nightingale vs. Faye Jackson and just knew we were in for a treat.  Then I saw Matt Makowski vs. Wheeler Yuta and was like "Why is this free?"  Finally, I saw Holidead vs. Masha Slamovich and really wondered if this show might be better than Take Kare.  There isn't really overlapping talent between Let It Ride and Take Kare but if you're worrying WWE is signing everyone, here are two shows to prove you wrong.

To prove me wrong, this show opened up with JJ Garrett defeating Yoya, two wrestlers I had not seen prior to this match.   JJ Garrett looks like a young Scott Steiner (in the singlet/mullet days) and Yoya is on the small side but he moves so quickly and he just has these effective strikes.  Both of these guys put on a good showing and even in defeat, I am a fan of both Yoya and JJ Garrett after this match.   Put them on your shows and I will watch them.

The second match was Willow Nightingale taking on Faye Jackson and this was a dream match and really just a main event in many other promotions.   Willow Nightingale got that technical wrestling to come out with something which looked like an stf but I don't even know what it was.   I've been seeing Willow Nightingale recently in Enjoy Wrestling "Canned Heat" and she's doing the Beyond Signature Series as well, but let's see some more of Faye Jackson.  Both of these women deserve the world.

Speaking of the Beyond Signature Series, Matt Makowski took on Wheeler Yuta for the second time this week.   What I love about this match is both of these wrestlers have this style of wrestling which makes me think more of the wrestlers I watched growing up in the 1990's.   It's that idea of Bob Backlund (Makowski) vs. Bret Hart (Yuta) which just makes this such a great match up.   I've seen Wheeler Yuta a lot this year (ROH, Lucha Memes) but I've also been watching Matt Makowski in Camp Leapfrog, so the way these two come together is just such a good pairing I hope we see on cards for a long time to come.

While I am familiar with Cole Radrick and have seen some of his matches before, this was my first time seeing Charles Mason, I believe.  Charles Mason came out in a full suit which he then had to take off to show his Phoenix Suns inspired gear.  In terms of wrestling I really liked this match and Charles Mason can go in the ring.  Speaking of going in the ring, the next match saw Conan Lynch defeat Levi Everett.   I've seen Levi Everett before but this was my first time seeing Conan Lynch and the guy is a beast.  I give him a year or two before WWE wants to sign him.  

Ironbeast is the tag team of KTB and Shane Mercer.  Shane Mercer has appeared in ICW NHB, so when can we get KTB in there?  We should seriously have more tag team matches in ICW NHB.  I've never heard of Charlie Tiger or Ellis Taylor before but commentary was right to question why this tag team would call themselves Young Dumb N Broke.  Broke can mean without money, but it can also mean that Ironbeast just rips you in half.

In what can only be described as a fight, Holidead defeated Masha Slamovich.   I've seen Masha Slamovich in various promotions recently but I really think Holidead needs to be on more shows as well.   This match really told a story and that story was these two women beating the hell out of each other but neither really giving in and letting the other take an inch.   This was co-main event and much deserved as these two women easily had match of the night, which is saying a lot since all of these matches were so entertaining.

Calvin Tankman defeated Manders in the main event and this was just two big dudes beating each other up.  Power moves are fun and when fans of WWE think of independent wrestling they tend to think of smaller guys who do a lot of flips, but the fact that this show had such a variety of wrestling on it, closing out with this huge main event, just makes it seem like a show everyone should go out of their way to watch.   There's a little bit of something for everyone on this show or if you're like me you'll just love the whole thing.  Either way, I hope these Hybrid Wrestling shows keep coming.  


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