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No Peace Underground
Horrors Of Survival

My weekend of watching live wrestling on the tv (four shows in two days!) concluded with No Peace Underground.   Look, I watch a lot of the shows on IWTV and not WWE or AEW because I feel like there is more emphasis on the dirtsheets when it comes to those companies.  So I don't know a lot about behind the scenes stuff (and I don't really care) but it was nice to Larry Legend on this show because I feel like ICWNHB has some beef with GCW but this means (I think) that ICWNHB and NPU are at least cool.  

In the opening match, Tony Deppen said that he was going to wrestle because he's from ROH and Parrow just shoved him through a table.  I'm dating myself here, but there was this time when TNA had a great working relationship with ROH.  Then someone (Samoa Joe) got injured in an ROH ring and was unable to compete in a big match TNA had planned for him, so TNA said no more to that partnership.  I was there live (the only time I saw ROH live) when Samoa Joe cut a promo about it and seemingly made it so TNA took him (and others) away from ROH, so I kind of felt like that was happening here- like Tony Deppen might get in trouble with ROH, but I think things are cooler now.

For the second match of this show, Ruben Steel was to take on SHLAK but apparently SHLAK was injured during ICWNHB and out comes Neil Diamond Cutter.  These two had a crazy, bloody match, which followed up that Parrow-Deppen match which went outside and onto a car, and this was just pure chaos and it was only two matches into the show.   That Florida crowd still seemed a little bit crazy but when Joey Janela and SHLAK got on commentary, they explained that it was because most of them were on meth.

To me, Joey Janela and SHLAK should be on commentary for every show.  They were just so inappropriate together but in a funny way.   SHLAK said that Wolfe Taylor looked like a Vietnam War veteran and then they both came to the conclusion of him being Lt. Dan.   Just the whole banter between the two was funny and way more entertaining than it had any right to be.  But yes, please let them do commentary more often together.

As the show poster said Jordan Oliver was doing whatever the fuck he wants, so he inserted himself into the Nolan Edward-Wolfe Taylor match, which then also saw him somehow pick up the win.  This was crazy, but it went along with the overall feeling of the show anyway so it just worked.   

AJ Gray (whom I love) took on Shane Mercer in the next fight and these two just beat the shit out of each other.   AJ Gray got the win, but then The Rejects came out and beat him up.  They had Mittens in there trying to hold back JWM and it was great.   I think this was done in response to GCW (and that Alex Colon show) announcing AJ Gray vs. AKIRA.   I think we're on our way to a GCW vs. ICWNHB show.   At one point, I thought that The Rejects were going up against 44OH in ICWNHB, but I think that's been put on pause.  By summer, I think we'll see The Rejects (representing ICWNHB) taking on SGC (representing GCW)  If you're not WWE, you can work together.

There are a few NPU shows on IWTV that I haven't watched yet (but I plan on it) but when I did watch them there was always this weird guy in between matches being tortured or something.   During this show, a lot of the in between matches was old black and white videos from probably the 1950's or earlier.  There was one about how to survive an atomic bomb going off.  Then there was one about how you shouldn't swim right after a big meal or you'll get cramps and die.  And I liked the whole idea of "Safety is for sissies" and then the guy crashed his car and died.   It might have been because of the funny of Joey Janela and SHLAK rubbing off.  Or the Twitter feed.  Or both.  But these were really funny to me.

The Rejects defeated the team of Conor Claxton and Lucky 13 when both men pretty much went through enough light tubes to kill a normal man.   This was a bloodbath and if Claxton and Lucky 13 come out of this without being seriously injured I will be surprised.   There is that point of the death match- to push yourself as close as you can to death without actually dying- and I think we saw that here.

In the main event, G-Raver defeated Atticus Cogar.   Cogar was able to go 2-0 the day before for ICWNHB, but he could not stop G-Raver.   After the match, an undead bride came out and offered a rose to G-Raver.  This brought the Sinister Minister onto the screen to say that in April (I guess it's 'Mania weekend) G-Raver will face Su Yung.   I honestly didn't see that coming but holy shit take my money.   I think that GCW is doing "The Collective" again, which means a lot of shows (too many for me to watch, unfortunately), but whatever show this match ends up on, whether it's IWTV or FITE TV or YouTube-- I'm watching.   This feels pretty must see and after watching the insanity unfold during "Horrors Of Survival", I'm ready.  I just wish April didn't seem so far away.  


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