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New Texas Pro Wrestling


While I feel like I say that I watch a lot of wrestling shows just based on one match, I don't feel like a lot of people believe that.   I saw a graphic floating around for this show which had Lee Moriarty vs. Bryan Keith and even though I don't know who Bryan Keith is, I wanted to see this match because of the fact that this show is called Astroworld and I spent eight years living in Houston.   Texas has always been a hot spot for wrestling and so I'm glad to see it getting some shine here.

The show actually opened with Lee Moriarty vs. Bryan Keith and though I didn't know him prior to this match, Bryan Keith defeated Lee Moriarty and now I'm going to be keeping my eye on him.    Aaron Mercer defeated Muerte Infernal in the second match and I don't know either of these competitors but I now want to see Aaron Mercer vs. Shane Mercer.   In the third match Rok-C defeated Dani Jordyn.   I love Dani Jordyn but I've also seen Rok-C because I've watched some of those Booker T shows on YouTube.   This was a great match and both of these women should be booked everywhere after this.

In what gets my laugh of the night, there was a tag team match between a team called Larger Than Life (who came out to the Backstreet Boys song) and a team called Thoracic Park, which commentary told us that one of the two Cruz brothers was a doctor so he knew about the human anatomy but also that this was a play on words for Jurassic Park.   The match was nice, but I liked the names better than the action.   

New Texas Pro has a LoneStar Title (which I prefer to think is named after the beer) and Max Heights defended it against T-Ray.   New Texas Pro also crowned a Women's Champion as Raychell Rose defeated Billie Starkz.    Masha Slamovich defeated Vert Vixen and every time I heard commentary say "Vert Vixen" I thought they were saying "Nerd Vixen".   I'm not sure who Prince Adam or Johnny Badgate are but as commentary wondered about Prince Adam's name I thought it was a MOTU reference.

Mysterious Q successfully defended the New Texas Pro Title against both Calvin Tankman and Gino Medina.   There was supposed to be a match with Chris Bey but he faked an injury and Texas really loves Gino Medina.   This was a great triple threat match and I liked how commentary would refer to Calvin Tankman as "Tank Man" because he really does seem like he hits like a tank though he moves much better than one.

This show was really hit or miss for me.  When the matches had wrestlers in them that I knew, I liked the match.   When I didn't really know the wrestlers I didn't really get as into the match.   I feel like it went every other match too where it was someone I knew versus matches where I didn't know anyone.   But overall I enjoyed the show and feel like if I continue watching New Texas Pro, I'll learn who the characters are that I don't know and that will make the shows seem so much better.  But, yes, I would recommend getting into New Texas Pro.  


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