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Take Kare

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Though I had seen different match graphics floating around for Take Kare, it wasn't until the Sunday before that I put together that it was the Saturday night that it was.   After a Saturday of ICW NHB and a Sunday of PWM and NPU, I thought that this weekend seemed a little bit empty of wrestling so I purchased the show via FITE TV for $13.99 (and they gave me a dollar credit!)  If I had to pick one match which really sold me on the show it would have to be Jimmy Lloyd vs. G-Raver No Rope Barbed Wire match because you don't see those that often.   

Little did I know, that match would open up this show.  These two really went all out and made great use of the barbed wire.   At one point, Jimmy Lloyd had G-Raver up and it looked like he was going to dump him onto something in the ring but instead just went running to the outside of the ring.  The way they both landed outside of the ring looked like it hurt enough if this was a normal match but the fact that they were both tangled up in barbed wire as well just went to show you how far these two went to win this match.

While the ring was being put back together, Charles Mason came out to cut a promo and this was only my second time ever seeing him- the first being just a few hours earlier.  During this promo, Charles Mason insulted the crowd by calling them fat and poor, but he also took a moment to tell a female fan that she was both a whore and a tramp.   I feel like I have to say this almost weekly now, but it is the year 2021.  The things which made ECW cool in the 1990's don't feel as cool now for a reason.   What little respect I had for Charles Mason after his match with Cole Radrick was quickly erased by that promo.  

Calvin Tankman returned from the Hybrid show to take on Brayden Lee and it was my first time seeing Brayden Lee.   This was a good showing by Brayden Lee, but what do you expect when you're up against Calvin Tankman.   I also must point out that I love the fact that Calvin Tankman is being prominently featured in MLW but also is showing up on so many shows I watch outside of MLW.   This is the way wrestling should be.

In what was at that time the shock of the night, Atticus Cogar defeated Effy and then Effy seemingly joined 44OH.   I haven't really missed 44OH in ICW NHB but the way that they've been not featured as much just makes me think it's because they have too much going on over here to be concerned with The Rejects right now.   Alex Colon defeated Nolan Edward with SHALK on commentary.   Post match, SHLAK (who is injured) came into the ring and said during 'Mania weekend it'd be Nolan Edward vs. SHLAK.   

I want to take this opportunity to tip my hat to Nolan Edward.   He was in the ICW NHB shows last Saturday.  He did No Peace Underground the next day.  And then he was also doing the Hoss Tournament which was happening on IWTV as this PPV was on FITE TV.   I realize he went up against Tony Deppen last Saturday, but he really feels like he's becoming Tony Deppen in the sense that he's on all the shows I'm watching.   

Speaking of Tony Deppen, we had an intermisison where they replayed the tag team match from Hybrid with Ironbeast winning and then Tony Deppen kicked things off against Ken Broadway.  I know Ken Broadway from his work in VxS, though I will no longer be watching VxS shows after I was really, really turned off by their "Stay High" show.   These two put on a solid match though and Ken Broadway is one to watch so I hope he sticks around in GCW.

Jordan Oliver and AJ Gray had what I consider to be match of the night here.  It was such a great representation of what wrestling is in 2021.  Jordan Oliver is just blowing up everywhere.  I know during 'Mania weekend AJ Gray is going to go up against AKIRA, but now Jordan Oliver has made the challenge to Lio Rush and I'm going to have to see all the schedules and prices of what shows to purchase because that's a match I really want to see happen live.

It's kind of weird that last weekend SHLAK was injured and pulled from NPU on Sunday but then was expected to face Allie Kat less than a week later.   Allie Kat came out to say that SHLAK is faking an injury because he's afraid of her and she issued an Open Meowange.  This brought Levi Everett back out (he was also on the Hybrid show) and these two had a good match even though I think everyone just wanted to see Allie Kat vs. SHLAK, which seems like it will still happen one day down the road.

The main event was wild.   Rickey Shane Page wasn't allowed to have any of his 44OH guys help him out.   Effy came out with them, but eventually turned on them and revealed he wasn't really part of 44OH after all and sort of chased them all to the back.   This brought out Chris Dickinson, who seemingly helped Joey Janela at first but then ended up costing him the match.   So the big thing going on at this point was: Effy is not really 44OH, RSP is going to run Spring Break and we're likely going to see Dickinson vs. Janela.   All things which I am, strangely, cool with happening. 

Then the music hit.  It was the return of the king.  Nick fucking Gage is back.  He took 44OH out until it was just RSP and him standing in that ring.   Rickey ran because it's what he does (There's a whole show about it) but Nick Gage said it was time for them to face off.   So it looks like, in April, we could see Jordan Oliver vs. Lio Rush, SHLAK vs. Nolan Edward, Chris Dickinson vs. Joey Janela and now Nick Gage vs. RSP (though not all on the same card probably)   This is going to be so much fun and so wild.  

Speaking of wild, I know this show was titled after a song but whenever I saw it or thought about it I only could go back to the old Cat Stevens song, "Wild World", which in the 1990's was covered by a band called Mr. Big.   This is because of the hook: "But if you want to leave take good care / Hope you make a lot of nice friends out there / But just remember there's a lot of bad everywhere" which also just somehow seems so fitting.  If I could do music videos I'd edit a Take Kare video package to that song but maybe someone will.