Music Review //
Talia Londoner
"Get It Out"

Though it might be a bit silly to think of (or it might already exist) I always thought it would be beneficial to society if someone out there was to create a show which felt like the 1980's/1990's of MTV- when they used to play music videos-right down to the style and everything-- just to make it feel like you flip on a switch (whether it be a tv channel or YouTube) and you're right back to that place when I was a kid.    In many ways, the music video for "Get It Out" reminds me a lot of that.  There is just this look to this video where it could have aired during the 1980's or early 1990's and fit right in.  

The song and style of Talia Londoner are a reminder of several things.  First off, there is what was called at the time "mall pop" coming out at the surface.   Artists (who I still love to this day) like Debbie Gibson and Tiffany would go around performing at malls, appealing to the teens, but in such a large way this music has become timeless.  I still listen to my Debbie Gibson and Tiffany cassettes to this day.  At the same time, there is something to be said for pushing the boundaries and this video/sound could also make you think back to when Madonna was doing "Like A Virgin" and that era of sound.   What I'd give for a solid Madonna tribute album.   But I also think about Charli XCX, so this does pull me back to the present.

While this can be thought of as a pop song based on the sound, the one way in which it might throw you for a curve is that the lyrics are actually inspiring and unlike a lot of pop songs from the 1980's this song actually has some depth to it.   The idea of "Get It Out" is to not keep your emotions bottled up.  It's that idea that if we keep things inside, one day we'll just explode and maybe it won't be for the right reason either- that anger could be misdirected.  But as the lyrics remind us that we also only have one life to live, it's important to remember to get things out that aren't just emotional in a "bad" way.   Tell your loved ones you love them.  Take that chance and say what you've always been meaning to shout.

"Get It Out" is a song that moves.   In some ways it does remind me of being a child and my mom going to Jazzercise.   But then again it also takes me back to when my grandma used to babysit my sisters and me so that my parents could go out rollerskating and this song does have that end of rollerdisco era feel to it. (You can skate to it, but I wouldn't call it rollerdisco)   Pair that with lyrics that actually send a positive message and you've got yourself a hit.   Talia Londoner could create an entire EP (due oue this fall) of nostalgic sounding songs such as this and I wouldn't complain.   But the beauty within this single is that it could just as easily shift to a futurewave collection of songs and that just leaves the future wide open and bright.