Music Review //
"Sharing the Light"
(BigWhoop! Records)

When you first press play on the song "Sharing the Light" you will hear a piano.   This comes in kind of slow with vocals that have grit to them like Tom Waits but the overall feeling I get from the song when it first starts is one of Billy Joel.   There also exists this holy, powerful sort of vibe to this song within the verse which can make me think of Hozier.   Rather than the idea of Billy Joel (which I just think of more in the way of someone singing while playing piano) I do like thinking of Hozier because there is this darkness in this song as well.

The song opens with the line: "Sorrow fits you like a cheap suit" which can just express any number of types of pain.   As we move into the lyrics "A love that leaves you cold / Winter will be my bride" the tone of the voice gets higher which makes me think of a band such as Muse.   But then it all kicks in while singing the title in the biggest of ways.   This crash of acoustics and melody makes me think of the band Murder by Death and I really do enjoy that I can find someone to compare with them even if they don't fully sound the same.

We're treated to a guitar-focused part which really shows the range of Mosa and then we go into a breakdown where it is mostly just the sound of the drumbeat with the vocals layered over each other.  This is also something which I've heard Murder by Death do, but I've heard other bands do it as well and it's something which I appreciate because I feel like it isn't overused.   I'm also not sure this song exists in a verse/chorus/verse way because it seems more to me like it has a beginning (where there are the most lyrics), a middle (when the hook starts) and then the guitar just drives us on until the end.

There are many ways which one could find meaning in these lyrics.  Based upon the music which accompanies them I would hope you think of them in more of a spiritual way than in a literal way.   I think light comes from the sun, which keeps us warm and in that sense with the chorus that takes through the second and third parts of this song, I think that to share that light is to share that warmth.   And the opposite of light is darkness, so if you think about the darkness as being all of the bad inside of you then the light would be all that is good.  So I see "Sharing the Light" as being an idea of spreading happiness and just lifting others up instead of putting them down.  That is something also which I feel the world could always use.  


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