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ACTION Wrestling
Eyes On The Throne


Sometimes all you need to sell me on a wrestling show is one match.  For "Eyes On The Throne", that match was Fred Yehi vs. Kevin Ku.  When I saw the graphics for that one floating around Twitter I knew I'd be watching this show.   This was my first time watching an ACTION Wrestling show, however I have seen their champion AC Mack in Beyond Wrestling's "Uncharted Territory" series, so it didn't feel too unfamiliar.  

This show opened strong with AKIRA taking on Angelus Layne and one of the commentary team didn't know AKIRA's dog is named Kota and that makes me sad.  Many of the names on this show were names that I didn't know.   Adam Priest, Robert Martyr, Alex Kane and Matt Sells were all new to me.  I've heard the names Chase Holliday and Jaden Newman before but wasn't sure if I had ever seen them wrestle or not.  Sometimes you get those scrambles or shows from years past and you might see someone and forget about them if they don't make an impression on you and in some ways that sucks but it's part of seeing a lot of wrestlers in a lot of matches.

If you're coming into this show like I was though- not really knowing a lot of the talent but being sold on Fred Yehi vs. Kevin Ku- then you will see some great matches and hopefully become a fan of some of these wrestlers in the three other matches which happened on this card where I wasn't really familiar with everyone involved.  I hope to watch whatever the next ACTION show is and that can hopefully bring out some character development and then I can say "Oh yeah, I remember him from the last show".   Sometimes it just takes seeing someone multiple times before they really catch on, but I'll put ACTION in my playlist now.

Fred Yehi and Kevin Ku went out and had the type of match you would expect from two who are just so gifted in the craft of professional wrestling.   Fred Yehi has been tearing it up in many matches so far this year- it seems like I'm seeing him now more than ever before and that's not a bad thing.  Kevin Ku is also out there having some of the best matches on the show, so for all of the professional wrestling which I watched in February 2021, as much of it that actually took place during that month as well, this could easily be my favorite match from the month.

I'm willing to admit that the main event left me a little bit underwhelmed and confused.   There was a strong emphasis on how many days AC Mack had been ACTION Champion- as it was almost 800 days- and whenever that type of thing happens you feel like it's setting up for the title to change hands.   This was a solid back and forth match, which I really enjoyed up until the end.   So, from what I can figure out as an outsider looking in, Graham Bell came out first with a chair in an attempt to crush AC Mack and cost him the title.  But then, Alan Angels came out and took the chair from Graham Bell, seemingly making the save, only to then use the chair himself.

So this was some kind of big double cross where Alan Angels looked like he was going to be the good guy and work against Graham Bell, but then he ended up being on the same side and also paid off by Graham Bell.   Does this seem overcomplicated to anyone else?  Why would Graham Bell come out to try and cost AC Mack the title if he had paid Alan Angels to do it?  Why would Angels then take the chair from Bell, as if they weren't on the same side?  This just felt like a lot of unnecessary steps for Alan Angels to just come out and hit AC Mack with a chair, ultimately costing him the match.  

While I am interested in where this goes- and that's why I'll watch the next ACTION Wrestling show- I think having Alan Angels simply come out and do the deed then have Graham Bell come out afterwards to reveal he paid him off would have been much more effective, to the point and less confusing then the mess which ended this show.   But they got me to watch and they got me wanting more so they definitely were more successful than all of my critique.  


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