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Electronic laser blasts kick in right away as this one starts off fast and hard.   Some ambient tones come in behind this which make me feel like we're in space, but the overall vibe here is still so fast paced and dance like.   I feel some "Resident Evil" vibes, but it feels lighter than that somehow- like it's not about fighting.  It has that idea of like when you watch the first "Blade" movie and all the vampires are dancing but you don't know they're vampires yet and then the blood comes down and that one guy is like "Oh shit" and then Blade shows up to crash the party.  But it just feels less... gothic... than when you think of "Blade" or "Resident Evil".

Into the second track we get some break beats as it does lighten up even more than from the start and it just feels fun.  I'm thinking of the movie "Go" and the label Degenerate Trifecta right now.    The third track has a similar urgency but there are moans behind it which sound almost haunted and it makes me feel more like my original thought of "Blade" being true.   This spreads out as it comes to a slow end and just feels so spatial.  

When the next song comes on there are some vocals but they aren't saying words.  As the speed increases, I just think about those games they have in arcades where you have to dance and when you see them in cartoons they just tend to go too fast for reality but the cartoons pull it off.   I want to think about exercising with the pace of this one, but I'm just drawn to the Dance Dance Revolution image.   We have some blissed out synth now in the next track as the tempo slows a bit but the feeling of energy remains.    This also brings the first side to an end, as it feels like we just danced out of our socks.

On the flip side we open with electronics coming through almost like screeches.   Beats come in quickly behind them, but this does feel like something out of Transformers.   If Soundwave was trying to create an electronic album, this might be a song on it.   But it also just breaks down to where it can almost begin to feel like instrumental hip hop.   Tones in the back now give me strong vibes of being on a carousel ride.  This single song just undergoes so many different changes that it's quite the trip-- some sort of trip that entire albums of music sometimes cannot even take.

Blissed trill tones now bring in much more mechanical sounding beats, like the stomping of machines.   I think this is the first time I ever heard a song and thought of the movie "Extract".   This continues to drive and just feel like a video game with a steering wheel.    We're speeding down the freeway now, top down, the sun is shining and this is our soundtrack.   

Sirens raid now as the beat comes in like a glitch of sorts.   This feels like less of a song now and more of a war cry.   We're readying the troops and are about to take on some kind of enemy.   Beats come in which skip a little bit and this one would be fun to dance to if I didn't feel like we were going to battle.   The beats and ringing tones behind them now make me feel like this next song is definitely set in space.    This can feel like Doctor Who on some level as well, but throughout this whole cassette it definitely serves as a fitting end, as it feels like we've just blasted off into space and beyond.