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ICW No Holds Barred
Pitfighter X6


Following a month or two of watching all the prior shows on IWTV, this was my first time actually watching live on IWTV.  I hope my next progression is to be back at one of these shows in person again.   It was a Saturday afternoon at 3pm and what else was there to do but watch this really.   I've realized that I see match announcements and I read the card going into the show, but when it comes time for the actual I see someone and go "Oh? He's on this show?"  It's like as soon as I press play on the show all of my ideas about the matches are thrown right out the window.

The pit has a new cage- which is bigger and more of a square than a circle.   I say this is because of that time we saw Justin Kyle pull the door off of the old one and now it's broken.   This is a really nice set up though and it just looks so great from a visual standpoint before the show even starts with the action.   

We opened up with Tony Deppen vs. Gary Jay and this was just one of those matches where they hit each other and they hit each other hard.  Gary Jay eventually got stopped by the ref to give Tony Deppen the win, but I think either of these guys was just moments away from getting that KO.   I saw Ruben Steel for the first time during this show and he is crazy.  Fans seemed to want blood during the first match and they didn't really get it.   Well, Ruben Steel and Satu Jinn gave us that blood and perhaps more blood than any two competitors should.  

Bruce Santee was back in his blue jeans to take on Justin Kyle once again.  I'm hesitant to say this because people don't like it, but when these two fight it reminds me of the Brawl-For-All.  Now, as a kid watching the Brawl-For-All unfold on television, I thought it was great.  I only have fond memories of it.  And apparently WWE only didn't really like it because they didn't control who won.   I think my biggest fear during this second Santee-Kyle match was seeing someone knocked out because I didn't want it to end.   And when it did end, I say Justin Kyle was still defending himself (he had his arms up covering his face) so he shouldn't have lost by ref's decision, though it does make for the rubber match between these two.

I was really hoping to see AKIRA leave Brandon Kirk in a bloody pile but it didn't work out.  Right away, before Kasey Catal could even talk, AKIRA smashed her head with trash can lids.  I was hoping this would take her out of the equation, but later on she got back in the cage and managed to distract AKIRA enough in order for Brandon Kirk to pick up the win.   Commentary said AKIRA got distracted, but really it just became a two on one match and that was why he lost.   I think we either need to a) see Charli Kruel come help AKIRA or b) have the ref keep the cage door closed when the fight is happening so Kasey Catal cannot get inside and interfere.

Things continued to seem to go the way of "I didn't think he would win" as Atticus Cogar picked up a victory over Nolan Edward.   Yes, I was rather surprised by this, but it seems Atticus Cogar is getting pushed to the moon.  Reed Bentley defeated SHLAK to keep his undefeated streak alive and in the main event John Wayne Murdoch defeated Neil Diamond Cutter in just an insane match.   

When I was watching these shows on the replay I'd usually do a Pitfighter on one day and then a Volume on the next day.  This show ended around 5 pm-ish which gave everyone involved about three hours to get themselves ready for the next one.  In many cases, I would have just been like "Bye, going home to sleep".    I used those three hours to paint custom action figures and watch the second season of "Close Enough" on HBO Max, but I don't think I'd ever be ready to bleed again and I think these wrestlers who do this deserve all the respect in the world for doing it twice in one day.


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