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"This Place ft. Trevor Hall"

"This Place" is the second single from Satsang's upcoming album "All. Right. Now." out June 4th and available for pre-order here.

When you title a song "This Place" you're going to have to explain to the listener what exactly that place is in reference to or else they might get upset.   Someone might want to know whether this place is in California or Australia, or maybe it's more specific like a national park or historical monument, you know how some people take trips to various places throughout the world such as The Grand Canyon.   But the fact that Satsang doesn't really give an exact place in this song- not one that GPS could use- somehow makes me feel better than if it was revealed to be somewhere specific because that place (Even if it is extraordinary) could feel underwhelming.

Through the cool pop sounds of "This Place", Satsang (along with the help of Trevor Hall) takes us to a place which might be physical but it also might be mental.   As the video pans through scenes of outside farmland- you know, how the Earth looked before we put up all these buildings and roads- it really makes me want to go outside and explore nature more.  I know we're still in a pandemic so traveling isn't as easy as it used to be, but even just to go within driving distance and see nature in all its beauty is something I feel like I should be doing more than sitting inside watching movies.

At the same time, the idea behind the lyrics in this song makes me feel like "This Place" is not just physical but could also be mental.   There is a very spiritual aspect to this song in that regard.  Though I still fully support the idea of going outside, I do also believe that maybe "This Place" can be found by staying inside on your couch if it means you're reaching some key point in your life- whether you find some sort of peace in silence or just reach a life changing realization.  I do feel like we also need to take time in the quiet to reflect even if it's just ten minutes a day in our car.

Perhaps my favorite part about this song is that it really just challenges me in the way that I think.   Sometimes I listen to music and hear the lyrics of other people and something which I've been thinking about for a long time finally makes sense.  But I think instead of trying to find this clarity in the ways I have been, it would be beneficial to go out into nature and try to find it there: with the emotional and physical "This Place" coming together as one.   This song is fun to listen to, as deep as the message is, and at times I think of that "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" song from "Lilo & Stitch" as it just puts me in that mood which is bright.  


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