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The Ladles
"Sunset Pink"

To describe the sound of The Ladles is to combine an existing idea which you might have about music and take it to another level.   Right away you'll hear those folk acoustic plucks in here and think about artists like Fleetwood Mac.   But as strings, such as that of a violin, enter there seems to be this faster paced feeling to this song.   This is where I get confused.  It's easy enough to think of this as being an acoustic folk type of ballad, but the way it moves just isn't on the same speed as something like that typically.

During this music video you will see someone dancing both in the city on the sidewalk and by the end in front of a sunset, which seems only fitting for the song.   Only because I am watching this video in the year 2021 am I somewhat mad to see this person moving so freely and openly in public, as we have spent almost a year now on lockdown.   It's not so much anger as it is jealousy and since the music is able to calm me, I feel like it eventually shifts to a feeling of comfort in remembering how we once were and shall hopefully be again one day.

Sometimes I think about an artist who would normally play electric guitar and how if you took their sound and made it acoustic then they could compare with The Ladles.   Someone like Slothrust or Metric could be similar if their sound was stripped down but kept that pace.  And I know folk punk exists but to me The Ladles just have a more natural flowing sound where as folk punk feels more rough around the edges to me.   The way that the dancing moves so gracefully and seemingly without effort is the same way that the song flows, which is not something I've heard a lot of in my time.

While I would suggest listening to The Ladles if you are a fan of folk type music- music which you can imagine being set up and played in a park, for example- I will also say that this song should leave you pleasantly surprised.   Yes, you can be a fan of folk like Simon & Garfunkel and enjoy this song, but it is in the way which it moves, the timing and flawless perfection, which makes it stand out from any number of musicians who have ever picked up an acoustic guitar.  With The Ladles full length "Springville Sessions" out April 16th, I do believe this to be that glimpse into what makes them so special.  


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