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As soon as this song starts you can feel the soul in it.  There is a darkness behind the keys, kind of almost going into blues, and it reminds me of someone like Alessia Cara or Norah Jones.  It really, even as a single song, just sets the tone for the entire room in which it is being played.  If you were to walk into any place with a stage and this song was being performed live, you'd stop, take notice and then begin to listen and enjoy.

With the music that just pulls you in come lyrics which should be universal but due to the nature of the song I feel like not everyone can relate to this song.   Ultimately, this song is about fitting in and feeling like you don't.   I want to say that in some situation everyone must have at one time or another felt like they didn't fit in.   Even if as an adult you feel comfortable enough to fit in everywhere perhaps as a child or during middle school you felt like you didn't fit in with a certain group that you wanted to join.

The way in which this song is layered in the lyrics is that it is not just about not fitting in but also about feeling like you're not human in the sense of if this is how humans then I don't want to be one.   It is the summer of 2020 and the world is a pretty crazy place so examples might be more obvious, but there always seems to be that time where you read about something in the news and think "That human does not represent all humans" or you think about how they are the reasons why life on other planets don't come to visit us.

Lyrics like "I'm comfortable in my own skin / I can see the truth / Don't need to belong" will have everyone singing along and relating with this song.   Those who are out there creating the things which make the rest of us not want to feel like we're part of the human race any more will not appreciate the song on the same level but perhaps- and maybe this is just the hope inside of me- this song could help them to see the world a little bit differently.


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