Cassette Review //
Cobra Cobra
"Demo Tape 2017"
(Swimming Faith Records) //

Through Bandcamp I found a link for the audio of this but I was not able to find a link to purchase this demo on cassette, which the Bandcamp link from Cobra Cobra says to go back to Swimming Faith Records but the cassette itself says it's More Power Tapes.   I then tried to do a standard google search with "cobra cobra demo 2017 more power tapes" and let's just say that the majority of those results are unwanted.   I was also disappointed that there weren't more results for G.I. Joe, but what can you do?  (Doesn't anyone else find it odd that there is a health insurance company out there calling themselves Cobra?  Why would you choose that name?)

I suggest going to the Swimming Faith Facebook page to find this one and I really do suggest finding it.   This cassette starts as some loudly distorted rock n roll, which has elements of punk in it as well, and it just goes so hard and so fast.   There really isn't a slow song on here until the very end.   During the second song, this weird kind of alien vibe comes through and it reminds me of a mix of bands.    This brings out a little bit of surf with it and it also has a similar sound to start things off on the flip side.

There are not easy comparisons to make with this cassette even though Cobra Cobra seems very straight forward in their delivery of punk 'n' roll.   I think of names like The Hives, Tora Tora Torrence, Refused even, and then I think of other names like Oingo Boingo (but more punk), Devo and even Aquabats.   At times, even lead by the percussion which is especially strong on Side B, this feels like something you'd see performed live while also watching skateboarding.  Yet at the same time, it has that kid friendly show way about it, which is like how Aquabats (and others) made their way onto Yo Gabba Gabba.

At the end, for the final song, we slow down and become a bit trippy with these distorted guitar riffs which remind me of "Iron Man", the Black Sabbath song.   There is a little bit of metal within those ultrasonic lasers being fired and it just brings me closer to thinking this would be a great soundtrack to skateboarding.  However you find yourself listening to Cobra Cobra, just know that this is the type of energy drink which is healthy for you, so drink it in.


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