Cassette Review //
Period Bomb & Glass Body
(Crass Lips Records) //

When I press play on this cassette it actually starts with the song "Candle Wax" and then goes into "Status Quo".    During "Status Quo" there are some audio clips, which seem to be voicemails left on the Period Bomb Hotline and I think it's funny that Period Bomb has their own hotline.   Through the song "Status Quo" the lyrics are mostly "No one's going to disagree with you / You're the status quo".    The song just also really breaks down heavy with starts and stops by the end.

On the flip side the music gets faster as it seems to drive through with these frequencies changing.   It's punk, but also somehow borderline surf and yet at the same time it has some aspect to it I can't quite put my hand on but that just makes me believe it is Period Bomb.    This song is called "FORM" and is about being human.   As different types of forms are listed off- such as tax forms- I do wonder why we have to do so much paperwork just to be alive.

The bass seems to drive the fourth and final song, as the vocals are all over the place and this one just feels like a party.   It's not quite surf enough to be a party at the beach, but it is some kind of party that you want to be at in person.  If you're standing still during this one, I think you need to turn it up a little bit louder.

Is this a split between Glass Body and Period Bomb?  Not so much in the sense of "You play two songs and we'll play two songs" but it also isn't quite the same concept as when Period Bomb did the collab with Three-Armed Men either.    There might not be a way to describe this without just copying the Bandcamp description, but hey, there are also videos for most of these songs via a YouTube link on their Bandcamp page as well, so hopefully that will provide you with some answers if you're still confused.   To me, this is just that crazy good sound of Period Bomb so I'm on board with it.


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