Cassette Review //
German Army
"Animals Remember Human"
(Crash Symbols)

$6 //
Edition of 150 // //

This cassette starts with trippy beats and then words are spoken on a loop as well, adding to that hypnotic feeling.   That first song ends with this loud burst and then the drums clap back onto the next song.  This time there is a different voice speaking through the beats and it reminds me of a voice which might come on over the speakers in a sci-fi film.  It drifts into outer space, which deeper vocals, and it just takes off in this way that is a little bit of space ramblin' before it comes back into the original loop.   The voice says something about a crocodile and maybe it's just because I watched the movie recently (and am reading the comic books based on the movie) but it reminds me of the scene in "Demolition Man" when Simon Phoenix goes to the museum to find guns.

A more acoustic feeling to this percussion now as we take on lighter sounding guitar notes as well.  There is an uplifting, a rising aspect to this song.   This takes us into a song which sounds like it could be the soundtrack for a detective out working the beat with these sort of moans coming in from behind.   A scale-like pattern goes up and down and then we're back into the funky drums.   As synths wind in the background, this song has a soothing way about it- there is energy, but it also just makes me feel calm and at peace at the same time. 

Tones drop in now, with a little bit of ringing and a little bit of static.    Drums come back now and they seem to be the overlapping theme of this cassette, but in some ways you could say that about all music.   This rhythm makes me want to get up and move, like "The Jungle Book".    Winding distorted guitars bring out vocals and there is an almost classic rock feel to this one as well.   It has this sound that isn't quite Steppenwolf or The Doors but it's something like that and it could be an evolution of that in many ways.

Things feel a little bit more serious now.   Tones come through in a sci-fi way (not quite "Doctor Who" but close) and it just feels like we're also going to this tropical paradise-- it's so chill.   This track ends with what sounds like talking but could almost be yelling, as if someone is upset and crying while trying to explain something to someone else, and it sort of conflicts with my chill mood but such is life.

On the flip side we open up with what sounds like those 90210 guitars but it might actually be a saxophone as I listen to it more closely.    Beats come stomping in and there is a tribal way about this one.    Shiny, glossed out tones now with waves cutting through like we're going into a memory.  A triumphant sort of battle cry now comes into the picture.   Guitar strings feel like they are being ripped out as we take this slow walk, which makes me wonder if there was ever a comic book where The Punisher got sent back in time to the Old West and had to fight cowboys.

A faster paced sound of percussion now, which could be bongos, with these beeps coming in at times and it just makes me want to get up and move.   Tones come through with an instrument I can't put my finger on and audio clips are heard of a political nature- they are speaking something about the senate.   A rock n roll sound like Elvis comes blaring through now.   Dangerous guitar riffs resonate like a Tarantino film now.   A slow moving groove with what sound like bells now and this song is fun to listen to while driving.   This becomes a quieter sound now, like an alien lullaby.   Deep distorted vocals come up in the background but I'm still thinking of "Rugrats" at times.

The winding becomes a bit longer, as we slow down a little and fade out.   It has that feeling of closure at the end and though there are times when it's not as fast paced as before, the overall feeling of this cassette is one that keeps you moving.  It never really dulls or slows down to where you want to know if it's ending.  You know how sometimes you watch a long movie and think it could have been made shorter if they just took out a few scenes?  They call that the "filler" I suppose and this cassette has none of it.  Just from start to finish a ride which you feel better after you take it and also seems to just go by in a blink of the eye.


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