Cassette Review //
Lesser Light
"Demo 2018"
(Knife Hits)

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When this cassette first starts I think it's some sort of heavily distorted punk, like No Use For A Name or that same era of when Epitaph was mostly punk.  As it goes on though, I hear some hardcore aspects and I hear some melody.   It reminds me a bit of artists like Snapcase and Grade, though somehow there is a little bit of Motorhead thrown in here as well.   By the end of the first side it just gets really music heavy as well, with there being more music being played than there are lyrics.

On the flip side the music comes through louder, as if the quality of recording has changed.   It continues with the hardcore-punk style but it also has melody.   Right away it reminds me of Thrice.   It is so fast paced and screamy, as it breaks down I'm thinking of From Autumn To Ashes.  Words are spoken in the break downs and then they kick right into the screams and I just can see it being performed live with the crowd singing along.

The final song begins with more of a metal riff and big drums.  This definitely reminds me of something from the early 2000 era of hardcore, back when I was really listening to Ferretstyle and bands along those lines.   Any time I feel like I can hear music which takes me back to that time is a good time for me because as the '00's moved on I felt like the music was more a distinct sound of heavy and melodic (such as they would sing in the verse and sing in the chorus) rather than having it mixed together so perfectly, as Lesser Light does with this cassette.


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