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Jonas Brøg
"Not Because Of You"

"Not Because Of You" is a song that speaks to me because it is about depression.  If you can tell by the title, the idea behind this song is that those with depression don't always feel that way because of the people who surround them, and I feel that it's a common misperception that people feel like those they know with depression are that way because of them.  The lyrics explore this and I think it's a good concept for those who don't have depression to listen to so they can try and gain a better understanding.

For those of us living with depression... This song just hits too close to home.  I've gone through some rough patches and those in my life would feel responsible, to the point where it would become a fight between us and that just made things so much worse overall.  Imagine having food poison, throwing up and someone is complaining you're being too loud.   People don't seem to understand that you can enter this darkest place when you're surrounded by loved ones and seemingly the happiest you've been in your life.  

Musically, this song reminds me of Blue October at first- and not just because of the lyrical content.   It has this smooth flow to it which feels calming, but as it goes on it turns almost hypnotic with the beat and can perhaps be closer to something like Twenty One Pilots.  Still, it remains a unique take on a pop song and it could (and should) be easily featured on the radio because the sound is so mass appealing.

This is an important song because it could be playing almost anywhere and someone could hear it, wonder who it is and what it's called, look it up and become a fan.  I realize not everyone is going to dive into the lyrics because pop music doesn't always go hand in hand with thinking, but even if some of the people who hear this song learn something from it I think it will be worthwhile for it to be played everywhere.   And plus just the musical aspect of it is worth playing it out of your speakers.  


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