Music Review //
Fond of Rudy
"Singapore" //

There was a time when I would've easily said that the first person named Rudy who came to my mind when seeing this was the character in that movie about football.  However, since that movie seems to shift further into the past and the future is now, I can also think of a character on "Bob's Burgers" when I see the name Rudy, so I enjoy that the name Fond of Rudy could be applied to either of those staples in my life.

An upbeat electronic sound and clapping make this song one to put on during the summer time, with the windows rolled down and sunglasses on.   It's somewhere between Owl City and Hellogoodbye-- that sort of rock with pop mixed in, but not overly done or obnoxious.    With parts which break down quieter, this could easily be the dance anthem of the summer.

While the title is sung during the chorus, the song is about a feeling.   It's about being in love, or at least feeling that strongly about someone, and to that end it's just a fun song which should put you in a good mood even when you're not in one.   Also, I noticed a line in here about hearing this song on the radio and, yes, this is a song I wish to hear on the radio one day in the not too distant future. 


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