Cassette Review //
D. Hale

£6 //
Edition of 40 //

We start off soft, slowly, and then notes come on which at first I think are the pluck of guitar strings but then hear as piano keys as well.   There is a soft, ambient sound here-- relaxing.    A hue begins to shine through behind the notes now.      This goes into more of a straight forward drone song now which is a little bit wavy, though it might just be the cassette which is also okay.  

Quieter now, more minimal.   This is rather soothing, you could just lose yourself in it forgetting about the outside world around you.    The notes slowly ting through like a music box, post rock or some sort of carousel in slow motion.    For some reason this reminds me of a Polaroid camera.    

The xylophone becomes more prominent now and it has a distinct feel, louder but still soft.    We then somehow dive off into this drone which has those bells return and then there are vocals within it all as well.    A chorus of ohms begin now.    It's really crossing that line between being a steady ambient drone piece and yet then it has these notes come through or slight alterations which make me think of it being more like FNL.   

I also feel like I hear birds in the background a lot but now I definitely do, as the strings bring about more of a sitar sound.     There is definitely some breathing to be heard behind these notes as well, still with the birds chirping.     This all shifts into the droning of some key which sounds like church organs but rather minimal.   It feels like an old VHS tape now.  

The tones come out like swimming now with a definite post rock feel.   There is a Donnie Darko feeling within this all as well.   I'm somewhere between that and this sounding like The Cancer Conspiracy, but either way I always welcome more music such as this.     It just sort of fades out as we come to the end of the first side.   

On the flip side we open up with more of these keyboard tones which feel like Doogie Howser and then they really get going into something classical.     Notes ring through on the next song more desolate.    The birds have returned and I feel like we're lost at sea.    The notes really pick up and create quite the song, somewhat uplifting.   

A steady sound now like an engine with some crackling and then those notes return to form.    It's waving back and forth, almost screeching.    It feels like an old reel to reel movie now.    It gets a little sharper now as that hue comes in strong with the waves crashing behind it.    Darker and winding now, it feels like a suspenseful old movie.   

The notes come in louder, sharper now.   It feels like there is a digging behind this.    This leads into a new series of notes which just somehow feels like an organ but also something else.    As it fades out you can seemingly hear the cassette player stop recording before the cassette itself stops.  


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