Cassette Review //
Unpure Impulse
"Young Hegelian"
(Clear Lake Media Solutions)

$2 // //

Distortion comes screeching through and then shifts into these gasp-slip beats which make it sound like we're going to some place both electronic and dark.   It's a cross between NIN and something from "Resident Evil".    The beats then kick in and really begin to grow into pure electronica bliss.   Heavy breathing now.    Somehow it helps to keep the rhythm as the drums come clapping in.

Though it can groove like a ringtone it can just as easily pick up that pace like "Run Lola Run".    As we drift off into drums and beeps it can also feel quite hollow.    The beats increase the pace and this is just crazy good.   You can kind of hear a voice and then it gets into this place where it feels like a car starting only with a drone.   This somehow feels mechanical.

Shots are fired into a sea of destruction.   It's building with trill but has this steady pace to it.   Electronics like Transformers slip in and really pick things up right before the end of Side A.    On the flip side static whirrs and steady beats create a rhythm you can really move to, like something out of "Trainspotting" perhaps. 

It feels like we're being chased by a monster.   The drums are getting closer to steel.    It just grows into such a great dance number now.   If you don't get up and move to this something is wrong with you.    There is this great bass line and some dings come in to give the music a more serious feel now, like we're working against the clock to stop a bomb from going off or something.

The way the static comes through and then turns into this bass line feels like a video game.  A little bit of "Knight Rider", a little bit of "Fatal Fury" right now.    Into a more squeaky electronic sound now with drum machine beats paving the way.   It begins winding like the Walkman is running out of batteries, I hear what might be a horse and then words come in like hip hop.    It gets into this laser bit with the drums increasing and then comes to an end, just as wild and fantastic throughout the entire time. 


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