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A buzzing comes through, somewhere between a bugzapper hum and a glitch.    This turns into this raw, screeching distortion which does sound like more of a glitch than the previous sound, as it's just this error message stretching out, annoying my neighbors as I increase the volume.   Full on guitar distortion enters now and this one could blow your speakers.   It's shaking.    Whirrs come in and it just has a static drone backing to it.   Sharper now, it pierces the ears when the earbuds are in.

It whirrs in and out like the start of that one song on "In Utero".   I feel like it's taking off now, like a jet engine.    It gets a little deeper now, the revving and then the glow of the glass.   They alternate and this will really mess with your ears in the best possible way.   It has such an electric charge to it.    A crackling now.    It pick up, like lift off, and has this hyper modem sound before it drops down into a more minimal bass.

Screeches take us into this death march that is just insane.    Sharpness now, like a hiss.  A crack, like a whip.  The bomb drops into distortion.   The static is cracking like someone is stomping through it.   It can also just feel like a glitching video game, one with lots of battles.   I'm reminded of the Atari Star Wars game for some reason.   A slow, electric buzz drops into the bass now.  It's got the drone of a lightsaber and it feels like it's cutting.   Screeching like the tea kettle whistle now.

On the flip side we start with tones which give me chills.   It turns into this eerie sense of tones, like something out of "Friday the 13th".    It's that suspense that at any moment something or someone could come stabbing through the sound and into your ears where you live.    It stretches and then sinks down low into this distorted, deep bass type of video game vibe where it seems all things go to die.   I love listening to music that I feel like will upset my neighbors.

Back into that eerie calm and I'm feeling a bit on edge again.   For some reason this also makes me think of Scooby-Doo.    Wouldn't it be rad though if Scooby-Doo crossed over with Jason Voorhees?  If that happened already, someone would've told me, right?  But, I mean, Scooby-Doo typically deals with such innocent crimes, imagine the gang being in a movie where people are being sliced up into pieces and the such.  If this hasn't happened I feel like it needs to now since I put it out there into the world.

A dinging now, a ringing of a giant bell coupled with that electronic insect vibe.   It fades back down again and I can hear my neighbors talking outside.   Hopefully Jason Voorhees comes for them.    A ringing now and then an electric slash through it.   Heavy guitar distortion now and this goes from the suspense of feeling like someone is right behind you to turning around and finding something scary there quite quick.  It's that sharpness piercing through with crackling static and then it all erupts in one gigantic distortion bomb.

As it begins to go back and forth like a saw, there is also this feeling of it growing like a Nine Inch Nails song and the more bass-filled distortion just grows to a larger static field and it just seems like it's a CD stuck on a certain part and it will not get past it, which actually happened to me once in my teenage years with a Marilyn Manson CD (my mom says it was possessed) but anyway... we are back into the suspenseful tones of terror now, which is how it began and also so shall it end.