Monday, May 13, 2019

Cassette Review //
Epiphany Now

Sold Out // //

Those fun carousel tones start this one off right as they wind and shift on through like some sort of ride which will take us into another dimension.    This takes us into the next song which has this funky electronic vibe.   You can hear the frequency changing as the percussion carries a beat and this is just some sort of electronic fusion I have not heard before.    It's weird to describe because it's not quite industrial but it's something along those lines within the rhythm of it.   I also feel like at one point you can hear laughing behind it all.

It sounds like a smooth sax has come into the playing field now.    It's a quieter, somber flow here.    Space whirrs have joined in, which makes this somewhat of a floating drone.    We just really start feeling like we're lost in space, in this classic sci-fi type of way.   The tones really start changing but it has an outerspace setting that you can't really deny at this point and I really enjoy just feeling like I'm floating away while listening to this one.

A voice sings "doot doo doot" as bass beats drop and there is this certain electronic-pop style happening here which at the same time begins skipping and makes me think of it being more towards the glitch than the actual pop side of things.    The singing now has this trill to it as well, which I just enjoy, and this song is kind of all over the place but in a good way.     This takes us into a deeper voice speaker, which sounds like it could be from a sci-fi film as well, and then these guitar/bass notes come through like Smashing Pumpkins.

We drift along with some choppy sounds in the background but those guitars just persist.   It's somewhat dreamy, but more like being in a dream.    The guitar really starts to whirr now, like it's shaking.    This takes us into a song with operatic singing and what sounds an accordian accompanying it.   This could be on the street corner of some contemporary city or the stage in a grand theater, depending upon how you view life. 

What feels like screaming has these acoustic plucks with it and for some reason though it is not *that* closely related to it I'm reminded of Fleetwood Mac.    It feels like a banjo, but it's just really jamming here.    There is this moment where it sounds like a needle is being put to the record- but it might just be the hiss of the cassette- and that happens a few times before the tape ultimately stops.   Whether intentional or not, it's pretty cool.

On the flip side the notes come out in succession, more like echoing.    There is some singing- but just ahhh's not words- and that sax returns in a triumphant way as well.   The way this all comes together to start off the second side is just so majestic.   The singing does feel somewhat like it is gaining words now.    It's taking on this not quite alien and not quite robotic sound, but it feels like we are being taken over by some species other than human and this is when we finally meet our end as slaves.

A rhythm now with clicking/beeping and space whirr dropoffs.    Laser shots are fired.    The way these synths combine with the drumbeats almost have this synthpop way about them.   I am thinking of Dana Fowler And The.    Synths whoosh in and out now as there is a steady drumming behind it.    It's getting really electric now with skip beats and I really like it.   An eerie type of knocking comes in as well and this has that sci-fi/horror feeling to it like the movie "Alien".

Magical tones come fluttering in and then the frequency changes to drop down dialtones.    Strings- perhaps a violin- come in now and they can feel like they are out of tune at times, as shots are fired behind them with this constant wave of electronics.    I feel like the accordian is back and playing us off into the night as we are slowly drowning.    It kind of just ends up fading out, which seems fitting for the amount of energy this cassette has produced it is only right that when we reach that end we are tired before we do the dance once again. 

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