Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Cassette Review //
claire rousay
"It Is Just So Much More Difficult"

€6 // //

The slow bellowing of percussion begins this cassette.   Drum rolls and static bursts.    Bells ring and there is a quiet, minimal sense to this as at times it can be louder.    A rustling.    That steady panic of percussion.    Slightly jazz now, slightly suspenseful.   A grating build with a winding up behind it, we flow like a locomotive.    It feels quite like all of the sounds building up to unite, present themselves at the same time now.    The tremords; I can feel the earth shake. 

Softer drum rolls now.    Silence.   But it is not over.   It returns with a bang.  Louder drumming now.   A vengeance.    You can really feel this one, note by note, hit by hit.    The banging of the drum is constant now, a knocking, and then a rolling of glass.    The combination of glass and percussion comes together like some sort of wonderful bells or wind chimes and just creates this chaos with cymbals.    It's everything all at once now.   Static comes in, crumbling through the remains. 

Quieter now, a shifting of the percussion.    I dare to call it minimal trill as the triangle rings through like an alarm.   It sounds like creaking now, almost like the rusty expansion of a saw.    It all builds up like a storm.   This certainly has the suspense of an old Hitchcock movie score.    You can imagine someone, perhaps unknowingly, about to meet with their fate.    This banging sound becomes a fluttering and there is almost this screeching roar accompanying it.

The entire percussion section seems to be playing as loudly and quickly as they can, yet somehow it merges together to form that steady locomotive sound once more-- a train on the track unable to stop.    Until it slowly does begin to reach its end and then that glass starts to rattle once more.    After a ding I feel like we hear the sound of a glass bottle spinning around in a circle before it finally slows and then comes to a stop.

Slowly now there is a whirr and desolate ringing coming through.    It's a quiet, ambient hum with these strategically placed tones falling over them, one at a time.    Notes ring through now like sonar.   It's a beacon perhaps, trying to find its way home.   A quieter ticking now, slowly like an engine coming to a standstill.    As we come to the end of the cassette it seems to just slowly fade off into the abyss. 

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