Friday, May 31, 2019

Music Review //
(EYRST) //

This is such a unique set of songs.   The first song I heard be Blossom was "Moi å Moi", which has these beats and just feels like... I don't know.  It's not quite hip hop, and it's not qutie R&B, but it's something along those lines.  Is this what it was like when A Tribe Called Quest first started making music and people had to write about it?

"Maybe" begins with an intro about going to California to see Joey and then what follows can be described as dreamy soul.  It has that pop appeal but without any major influence I can compare it with exactly.   I would actually really love to hear a duet / collab between Blossom and Tony Njoku, as I don't think I've been this excited about an artist since I heard him a year or so ago.

"Glitch" is a song that makes me think of Mariah Carey and then it goes into this Madonna-like breakdown, so it's within these certain lines but also not easy to predict or define.   "Hope your fingers bleed when you think of me / That's my reality" is an example of a lyric that I really enjoy and why this is more than just the typical lines and rhymes (which makes me wish I was still on AIM with away messages so I could be quoting this-- why don't text messages have away messages?)

For that slow beat type of jam feel, you should check out "LaDiDa", while "Anxiety" starts with some static but turns lighter like Gotye or "Here" (Alessia Cara).   "Cabana" can sound like a record starting, maybe a little bit like Corrine Bailey Rae, and it has some nice beats as well.  "More Than" reminds me of Salt N Pepa somehow and that just kind of goes to show you how diverse this album is.   It is something which I intend to be listening to all summer long (and then some) and it should definitely be on your hot this summer list.

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