Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Music Review //
Franc Cinelli
"Horses" // // //

This second single by Franc Cinelli is called "Horses" and if you can pick up on the theme of his music based upon the first song- "Fly"- then you are obviously paying attention.  With the chorus line of "Set those horses free" one might think the common factor between these two songs is animals or nature, in the way that "Fly" can be about birds, but the truth is they are both about freedom.  I'd imagine Franc Cinelli puts together an album and calls it "Songs About Nature, Songs About Freedom" or something to that effect.

"Horses" has more instrumentation than "Fly" in the sense that several instruments come together to create this sound.  It still maintains that smooth folk genre though, as this can be a little bit closer to something like The Wallflowers than my previous comparison of Bob Dylan (Though there is that connection there as well)   It's just that slow sort of song with sad strings that I really enjoy, even when I'm not sad.

During the music video for "Horses", we see Franc Cinelli standing in a place which you would assume horses would live.  Lots of grass and trees- nature around him but more in a farm / ranch type of way.  There is even a wire fence behind him, which plays the most important role in the video because it keeps him right where he is.  The whole point of the song is to be set free, so he must be somewhat caged.    I would say that the video as well as the song itself are just perfect and I look forward to more music from Franc Cinelli.

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