Music Review //
Franc Cinelli
(Song Circle Records) // // //

I feel drawn to this song because both of my parents can identify most birds just on sight and that's something I've always wanted to be able to do as well, so I've bought books, CDs, binoculars and even a camera to go out into the world and study birds.   But among us all, who isn't really envious of the birds who can just up and fly away at any time?

A light, acoustic guitar part provides a folk feel to this song which otherwise is just Fran Cinelli's unique voice.   In ways this reminds me of Bob Dylan, at other points it can remind me of Jack Johnson, but being how minimal it is and the voice is so distinct that it just seems to create its own mood.

"It's the right time to say I'm getting out / I've had enough".   This song is about freedom, and not just in the sense of being a bird and being able to fly away, but in the sense that you need to break out of your cage sometimes.   There is this routine that we often fall into- and I know this better than anyone- that it sometimes gets to that point where it just doesn't feel right anymore.

We might not all love birds the way I do or feel envious of them, but we can all feel like we're stuck in our ways at times and for that we need a change.   There is a video with the song which is set in the woods where I imagine you could birdwatch but ultimately it is nice also to think about nature and that being our escape because there was a time when we weren't living for the weekends and this might help us all remember that.