Monday, May 13, 2019

Cassette Review //
Pod Cast
"Dead King's Dream"
(Brave Mysteries)

$9 //
Edition of 77 // //

The cassette begins by welcoming us and then music plays with the sounds of screams and growls, which I imagine as an animated opening to a television show.   There are horns and it's kind of like "Disenchantment" but as the song goes on I also begin to think of it less as being animated and more as just being in that fantasy realm, which I seem to be going down more and more these days.   There is strumming in here as well, which you might have heard in a castle with a king at one point.   Instructions for rolling dice are spoken now.

As the horns sing along, there are words spoken and this has that great medival vibe to it.    Darker synth tones come into the mix as well.    The bells shine and this is a certain genre of music I enjoy listening to but definitely do not hear enough of these days.    We drop off into this hue of a drone and the vocals return as well.   There is a mystical sound in here as well.   In certain ways, this is the live-telling of a game of D&D, like an old radio show.

Sounds of fighting can be heard now- punches and kicks like in a video game- and then the keys come on to take us on a quest.    The bells and horn create quite the melody.   The keys become really dramatic now, pushing in and out.    It's almost like an accordion and then the first side comes to an end.

After a roar the flip side opens up with these bouncy strings, which kind of remind me of the first P!ATD album.    The winds seem to storm now, flowing in and out with the gentle strings.    There is a dramatic sense here, as it all feels rather serious.   Delicate plucks come out next.    Ohms and ahhh's are behind this now and it has an uplifting rhythm to it.   The words return to guide us through our game.   It's interesting how these steps of the game can feel like lyrics though.

Louder now with this flickering rhythm and the guitar line grows to where it sounds like some post-wave sound.    The notes get bigger and then we go back to those delicate plucks which make me think someone is playing a lute or some other instrument from within the castle of a king that I can't quite think of the name for because they all sound made up.   But, yes, this could be the greatest soundtrack to a game of D&D ever and otherwise just a spectacular cassette.

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