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Metallica Is Dead / Heavy Metal Vomit Party
"FOAD / (Groupies Fighting) Tooth And Nail (To Get Backstage)"
(Busey Teeth CDr)

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Every song on here by Metallica Is Dead ends with the words "Is Dead", which is kind of cool.    Harsh static comes through on the first song and it sounds like there is this demonic speaking within it as well.    This is what the kids call harsh noise.   Frequencies twist and turn in the wind on "Napalm Death Is Dead Is Dead".   It'd be funny if every title was just some artist who was dead but many of these like "Until It's Dead" and "Battery Is Dead" seem to be directly Metallica influenced (my favorite being "Sad But Dead")

Those vocals and that louder static feel return on 3, as opposed to the more minimal sounds of the second song.   This then goes into those robotic/Transformers sounds as it almost can sound as if it is glitching through.    There are these child-like voices within here as well.   A lighter song also seems to be on a loop through "Sad But Dead" but I'll leave it to you to decide whether or not it reminds you of Spongebob.

We whistle through that static as moans and groans come with it now.   A lightsaber build like Jaws can be heard briefly.    It feels almost like someone struggling to breathe or a swarm of bees and then these beeps and boops come through in that android way as well.   This takes a turn into a true glitching symphony.   Audio clips are spliced in with "Until It's Dead" and they are from Metallica, mainly talking about how Metallica Is Dead.   "Did you take all the soul and life out of the tracks?"  Let's be fair though, "Fuel" shreds.

All sort of chaos is just breaking down on the last Metallica Is Dead song.   Explosions, drum machines and everything.

The Heavy Metal Vomit Party songs all have parenthesis.   Loud, crackling distortion gets things started for them.    It drones on through, a bit like a glitching video game.    The crackling static drone continues on the second song from HMVP.    It just feels like we're trapped inside a wind tunnel with a little bit of that video game Pong sound behind it.    As it fades out on one song, it comes crashing back into the next, growing a bit more electric now on number 9.

Thunder crackles down now and this reminds me a bit of We Also Let Blood.   It gets a little wavy in here, like the beeping of a video game buried under this static void.   Static, static, static on "When Heaven Comes Down (She's Gonna Have A Bad Hangover)" like being caught in that perpetual wind tunnel.   To call this harsh noise drone would be an understatement, but I just picture myself listening to it at work and someone kind of hearing it out of my earbuds and thinking to themselves "What the fuck is he listening to?"  It also really makes me want to listen to more noise like this for some reason.

The twelfth track sort of ends in a fade out like a puff of smoke but then the song in the thirteen spot comes in huge with this bang and has a little bit more of that electronic glitching/screeching behind it but only a small amount where you can hear how it's different from the one before it but not too much.   A large amount of crackling static once again and that might be the best way to describe the second portion of this CD.


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