Friday, April 12, 2019

Music Review //
Will Rowe-Parr
"I've Known //

"I've Known" starts with these delicate strings and it has this feeling like Panic At The Disco or Gotye but then when it kicks into the chorus it just becomes huges.   The chorus- which sings "Know that I have known" is just belted out and the drums come in with cymbal crashes.   It's only fitting because he sings "As I scream and shout" right before it reaches that heavy point, which somehow also manages to retain that melody. 

Here's where this song gets interesting.  You might wonder what this song is about- which is a question that can be asked of the title: What does he know exactly?  As the video suggests, we see images of Will Rowe-Parr sitting on a bed while singing and you need to pay close attention to this because for a second he kind of flickers in and out.   There is a mess shown and then an empty room.

On the surface, it looks like a break up and it seems like the choice of this being a love song is the easy one to make.   He knew that the relationship was really over before it ended, the other person moved out and left him, he saw it coming but it still hurts the same how, right?  Maybe it's just me, but I read a little bit more into this.  I'm not sure why, but I do.

The way you can see him walking down the street, looking at other people but they don't really seem to notice him- and he doesn't look at himself in the reflection of the window- and I feel like he's not there.   I feel like there is a certain disconnect between himself and other people, reality even.   This could be because of depression, on many levels, and possibly even a darker image of suicide.  Someone once that said depression is caused by thinking about things too much (which I tend to agree with after extensive thought)

Whatever you decide to read into the lyrics here (and maybe it's a reflection of yourself, what you're feeling at the time) it's a powerful song which is close to a ballad but I feel it's just too intense, too loud to officially be thought of as such.   It's one of those songs that isn't in that genre where it feels heavy (like metal, hardcore, even punk) but you still feel like when you play it you could put the speakers on loud enough to break down walls.

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