Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Cassette Review //
Marsha Fisher
(Bad Cake Records)

$5 //

Uplifting tones start this cassette, like we're either about to start a film or are in church.  In some ways, I feel like music is my church but that's another story for another time.   Some static is coming through between these otherwise relaxing meditation tones and it's not easy to tell whether it was put there intentionally or is part of the cassette.  Even if it was done on purpose (and I believe it was) you could still argue 20% of it or so is because of the cassette, which is one of the reasons why I love cassettes.

A swarming drone now takes over the entire sound.   In some ways, this is dark and can almost sound like something alien.    Some slightly sharper tones invade the background now.   Eventually, those tones from the start return to make us feel like we're buzzing around a relaxing place.   The buzzing feeling can fade- though not completely- and put you into a state of trance where you do feel relaxed and that is good.

Space whirrs come through next like an alien transmission.   There is a sort of ringing behind this all and it just feels like what you might hear in a video game based upon aliens but in such a calm way not a fast paced game with lasers shooting everything.    At times, it can even begin to feel like the aliens are landing here on Earth.   A little bit of that magic twinkle is behind this all as well and you can really begin to hear what space sounds like.   Ultimately, it just sort of fades out, like everything will eventually.  

On the flip side we open up with these loud synth tones which can make me feel like I'm underwater.    It grows, almost winds, through a slight bit of static.    We stay in this loop for a while and it only seems fitting, like being trapped inside a fishbowl.    A lighter hue comes through now and it begins to feel like the sun is shining on a new day.    There is an air about this, like things are starting to look up.

Tones form a pattern now to feel like a carousel.   It gets louder now, layered and more intense.    There is a dreamy feeling in here somehow, not like the way you think of music being dreamy typically but more like you're actually inside of a dream while listening to this.   It feels relaxing and I think it could help cancel out background sounds if you needed to put it on to help you sleep.

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