Monday, April 29, 2019

CD Review //
"The Sick Room"
(BLIGHT. Records)

$10 //
Edition of 300 // //

When I first heard Tadzio late last year it was on cassette.   Now, they have this CD out and it makes me think that by the end of the summer they'll have a record out as well somehow.    I hope that through my previous review I covered a lot of "why you should listen to this" and if you did read that review and think that then you're reading this one knowing you now have a new CD to listen to unless you're ahead of me timewise because I always seem to be struggling to catch up.

Delicate plucks and big vocals are the way of this one.   I enjoy lines such as "Creation for creation's sake overtakes the body that dies".    It is something which, if prompted, you could probably write quite the large essay about, just trying to dissect every piece of that statement.   Creation for creation's sake is easy enough to figure out-- a lot of musicians do that-- but how would that overtake the body that dies?  Well, you could argue that once great artists who are now just churning out pointless bullshit are shells of their former selves and in that sense they are dead-- the great artist aspect of them, not literally.

There is a little cool jazz breakdown with pianos on the second song and I get into the line on the third song "I filled my void by being one in you".   Wow.   This is one of those situations where if you haven't had this happen to you then you've probably done it to someone else.   Bonus points if you're like me though and have both done this and had it done to you before.   It's quite the experience but I can certainly relate way too strongly with it.

"The Cripple" has these upbeat xylophone feels to it, as it just feels pleasant and really brings Tadzio into a sound all their own.   "It's getting easier now to forget the shape of your face" is a line I really like and the fifth song has dark pianos to open it up.   "Lily" is quite the sad song and on the last song, through some organ synth keys, we hear the mantra "Sacred breath and sacred heart", which is really what you should take most from all of this, not only while you listen to this CD but in your life in general.

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