Monday, April 29, 2019

Cassette Review //
Magic Meru
"Eerie EP"

€7 //
Edition of 35 // //

Tick tock.  Tick tock.  Like the back and forth of a clock.  Then the xylophone comes through in a loop.   There are elements of video games and electronica as well as Doogie Howser.  You can hear the drum machine beats behind this as it picks up the pace and just begins to feel like it has this rhythm somewhere between tribal and where you can get up and really move to it.

While it can sound like the song "Sail" it then switches gears into this different set of tones, somewhat darker but just more serious feeling overall as well.   With the steady beat behind it all it can feel like chillwave.   It feels a bit like an instrumental version of Tony Njoku as well, which I'm totally cool with. 

The third track comes on with this revolving loop and then drum machine cymbals strike in the background like thunder clapping.    There is a slight X-Files vibe in this as well and then these hollow tones come through, shifting to whirrs and it just makes me feel like we're in space all that much more.   It can also become quite hypnotic in here as well.

Hollow high keys- like raising it up an octave- come through with what could be described as a series of clicks and this just comes out on an entirely new level of acoustic electronics.   Then the drum beats kick in and it's on another level.    At some point it even begins to feel like a carnival ride. 
Quieter tones, like minimal horns, slowly sneak in now before the beats emerge even louder.   There are some heavy Phil Collins vibes here.     This turns into a video game feel, like Super NES style.    But in some ways it feels like a pinball machine as well, but in a more modern way than what you might think of in your mind. 

Quieter drum beats now, more isolated like echoing, bring out this driving synth which makes me think of Pole Position.   Those synth keys come in and it's the beginning to a television series from the 1990's all over again.    The way the beeping and other sort of similar sounds just grow and mesh together is truly remarkable here.

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