Tuesday, April 30, 2019

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Pete Santos

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Pete Santos has a refreshing hip hop sound on the song "Heroes".   It has this beat and you can sing along with the chorus, which I feel is important, and keeping with the title as a theme it feels a lot to me like the type of song you could hear at the end of a movie.   I think back to that Fall Out Boy song from "Big Hero 6" and this just has a similar vibe and I feel like it could be on that big screen one day as well.

Keeping with the idea of this being related to that kind of comic book vibe, this song could easily be considered Pete Santos' origin story and as such is a great place to start listening to his music.   The first verse on this song is about how labels won't sign him and want him to be d.i.y. and then later on want to take the money.   It's something I often ask in interviews- how labels play a role in 2019- and it does seem like a lot of them (not all) are only interested in you when they see you making money and they want a piece.

The idea of "We are heroes / We are warriors / We are heroes / We reach for the stars"" which comes out in this song quite a bit is not only a great mantra to have but it makes this song less of a single and more of an anthem.    The music is also fresh, not like what you typically hear on the radio (or in general) these days, though this song could definitely be on the radio.     It's just nice to hear something which stands out musically but also has this positive message that everyone should be singing along with at some point during their day, every day.

At one point, this breaks down into singing as well and that seems to be the way songs are done these days but it's just the difference between hearing what is already out there right now and then hearing Pete Santos.   "Heroes" just has a little bit of that extra something, which isn't as much about it being better than other songs (as all songs have their merits, right?) but it just really helps Pete Santos to stand out from the crowd.

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