Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Music Review //
New Silver Girl
"Love Is Like a Goldmine"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIUY4uPXlq4 //

"Love Is Like a Goldmine" begins with these rocking chords and in the verse it has this classic rock feel where I'm thinking of something like The Who but then I also hear a little of Marcy Playground and I feel like we hit that grunge era stride by the chorus with that Pavement era of music that you can likely work through any names of bands along those lines from there.

At times the crunchy guitars can even remind me of Weezer.   Dark at times, other times like grunge, this overall just has a strong rock n roll vibe to it complete with that killer guitar solo.   It's something that could have been ripped straight out of that era of Matthew Sweet, Nada Surf and Local H and I love that about it most of all perhaps. 

The video itself is simple in its nature but there is meaning behind it which is more complex.   The band is playing on a stage and you get this nice feeling for how they play live with these different shades of love and spotlight.   There are shots of an older couple in the audience watching and they eventually are up on stage by the end of the video dancing along together. 

In that respect, the video captures the span of a relationship so well.    There are just different sort of phases you go through with another person as a couple and this video, though not through the images themselves but rather in a symbolic way showcases how a relationship can develop over time from liking someone to falling in love with them.   The song itself has this harder cutting part to it which makes me feel like it isn't a love song but the subject matter says otherwise, so if I'm going to listen to a love song I'm glad it sounds this good. 

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