Monday, April 8, 2019

Music Review //
"Fuck You" //

The music of Annamay can take you on a spiritual journey which dances upon certain genres along the way, but somehow doesn't ever seem to settle on one and that's okay.    Right from the start I hear these winding guitars which make me think of country, but then I think less of country when the chorus kicks in. 

There are elements of pop to this, lighter drums on the second song and the vocals can just be belted out.   Through dark acoustics on "See Me Now" we go into a more upbeat and dare I say chipper feel on "Disparage Me for Nothing", which ultimately comes off sounding like Flogging Molly.

On the titular track- "Fuck You"- there is this solid rock sound like Blondie.   A spoken word part is within the song as well and I'm fond of the line:  "With you I'm vanishing / Without you I'm lost"    "Torn Between Two Suns" takes us back to that country feel from the first song but there's also something about it which makes me think of that 1990's alternative sound as well.

If this was a record then certainly "Grab the Moon" would start the flip side.  The song opens with a piano and then sad strings come in as well.   "Surf Through Life" brings out some great rock chords as the song tells a story.   "Lonely Secret" is acoustic pop while "Give Me a Day" has a classic rock vibe with backing vocals.   By the end we get into this ballad which once again reminds me of something from the 1990's alternative catalog, which is never a bad thing.

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