Friday, April 12, 2019

Cassette Review //
"Rain X"
(Bad Cake Records)

$5 //

What starts off like electronic racket can quickly become electronic melodies, like video game music in a grocery store.   There is a strong feeling of percussion and then it turns into these beeps but like an alien robot saying a word over and over again but I can't quite translate it.    This leads to soothing tones now, a bit of awe as we go into these little vocals singing notes like something I'd expect to hear in the Polyphonic Spree but this is more minimal.  

Magical sounding synths come in and this just takes me to another place but for some reason I can also feel like I'm on the beach.   Deeper video game synth comes in next and it has an arcade feeling about it.     The tones also have a Doogie Howser feel to them before they begin to get blurred and scatter.    I can only describe this next sound as electronic water, as I imagine a faucet spitting out coins like in Super Mario Bros.  

This floats around in a magical way, growing and just feeling overall like something in outerspace and under water at the same time.    There is a driving rhythm behind it all now as well.   As we reach the end of the first side I imagine the music as traveling out so far into space we just cannot see it anymore- both visually and through it just disappears.

On the flip side we open up with some definitive keys which take us into this percussion which has an undeniable electricity.    The clicks climb and fall.    The keys return like alarms or car horns.    It feels like a heavier slamming on the keys as the clicks continue to rise and fall.   It's a destructive electronic symphony.    As the tones become more cloud-like you can definitely hear some splashing around in the water now.

As what feel like bass notes come through with the keys there is still this feeling of being underwater and as such I'm having thoughts of the Snorks.   Remember the Snorks?  I'm kind of glad they haven't tried to bring them back in a modern way like they did with the Smurfs but it would be interesting to see if only it one day became the basis for a crossover film between the two (which I would go see in theaters and I rarely go to theaters)

It feels like we're playing the scales now but there is a fun walking beat to it.   In a glitching way it sounds as if vocals are trying to come through now and then we get some big key synth here.    We get into this rotation of synths, a pattern which seemingly increases in both speed and intensity before we finally pull the trigger and the cassette ends.    If you have to sum this up in a few words I'd say it's electronic bliss and whatever your mood, whatever your motivation, you should let this one pick you up.  

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