Monday, April 8, 2019

Cassette Review //
(Absurd Exposition)

$7.50 //
Edition of 101 //

Deep, distorted electronics come through like waves and then it just turns into this blurry, jumbled sound of static.   It gets so loud and it feels like we're going to find ourselves easily lost within it.   Some sharper songs sneak through, like car horns in traffic, but that feeling of distortion washing over us all remains.   It feels a bit like there is feedback from a guitar but there is also a powerful force in here like a thunderstorm.

It can grow quieter, minimal, and just embrace that winding synth like something which always seems to remind me of an old VHS tape for some reason.   There are a few haunted noises within this as well, a darkness.   That echoing sound like Jason Voorhees can also be heard at one point. 

A mechanical rhythm now, like robots marching.    This seems to blur into where it sounds like an airplane taking off, only if you were underneath it rather than inside of it.    It feels like we're screeching to halt-- if you're inside the inner workings of this airplane it seems to have something wrong with it and perhaps it is unfit to fly.   Then it just kind of tapers off and ends.

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