Monday, April 29, 2019

Music Review //
Thin Lear
"Death in a Field" // // //

"Death in a Field" begins with this almost folk sound.   Acoustic guitars and melody has this winding way about it which makes me think of someone like The Wallflowers.   A piano can be heard as well and it can seemingly take on its own sound but remain in that genre on some level throughout.

Closer to the chorus the drumbeat really picks up and it builds in a way which reminds me of Of Monsters and Men, as it has that light melody to it, that type of getting heavier but becoming weightless at the same time.  It's something which if you don't understand it based on my words, when you hear it you'll know and it will make perfect sense.

The guitar work just needs to be taken and listened to once through this song on its own as it is that good.   I particularly enjoy the line in this song: "Yes, I'm grinning again / Here with all of my friends" because it can just be taken in so many different ways.  On one hand, you can think of some kind of gathering like a birthday party and that would make the most sense.

On the other hand, they say you are reunited with those you love in death and this song is called "Death in a Field".    But, for me, I like to think about how I don't really have a lot of friends but I'm always saying things (or typing them) which perhaps only I find funny.  I'll comment things on Twitter and even if it only makes me laugh it's okay.    I also think of that Nirvana line about his friends being in his head, so this is just a lovely song you can get lost in while examining the lyrics.

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