Music Review // Vicki Lovelee "Click"

If you have not yet been listening to Vicki Lovelee then you are certainly missing out.   This style of music is somewhere between pop and opera, as it has these pop qualities you'd hear on the radio but the vocal range and overall presentation of the sound makes it feel more like something you would be trained for in a classical manner.

When I see the word "Click" I think about how everything in the world now comes down to clicks.   Even on X (which I still think is Twitter) if you can farm enough engagement you can make money and what that equals is basically people clicking on what you post.   However, this song is not about how our society has become click-based but it's rather about fitting in and finding out where you fit.

During the chorus of this song Vicki Lovelee sings: "I'm a jigsaw puzzle piece in their pile of rigid bricks / But nothing clicks"  There is a desire to fit in, I think it's built into everyone, but as an artist you want to fit in more to the extent that you want to find your audience- you want to find those people who will appreciate your art.  I can understand how Vicki Lovelee may seem too sophisticated for the pop scene and that can be frustrating.

By the end of this song, there are the lyrics "They hate me and I love it" and "They hate me and I hate it".   Thus is the duality of art.  There is something to be said for nothing clicking- it means you're an original artist with an original sound, but it also means it might be more difficult to find your audience.  Hopefully Vicki Lovelee doesn't have to wait too long to find that audience because this sound is just so original and so amazing.  


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