Music Review // Basement Revolver "Red Light"

Basement Revolver is one of the best bands to come along in the 21st Century.  This is made apparent through their use of melodies and grunge to bring together a sound which takes me back to the late 1990's but also makes me feel that sense of modern rock.   There is just such a beauty within these sounds that I cannot describe but other artists cannot make me feel this way.

This song, "Red Light", explores a topic which I think many people would probably like to know more about and which I feel like we should all talk about more.  This is, quite literally, what they should be teaching us in schools.   The song has the whole idea of working hard and not really getting anywhere, but by the end we hear the lines "I got a red light ticket / It was more than my paycheck".

I've always wondered why tickets for motor vehicles were so expensive.  Sometimes, you can do twenty miles over the speed limit and get a ticket double the price of someone else guilty of the same crime.   So who decides what is a fair amount of money to charge for running a red light?  It certainly seems like the money being charged is too much and I think we really need to explore why this is as a society. 

On top of all of that, someone should really do a deep dive (or point me into the right direction of one) for where our money goes when we pay these tickets.   They tell us our taxes go to pay things like fixing potholes but I know of far too many that have been out there for far too long.   So ultimately, this is a pretty song by Basement Revolver that just highlights ways in which the rich get richer and the poor stay poor.  We need an uprising ever so badly and maybe this song can be a catalyst.  


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