Cassette Review // Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy "New Rudiment Candidates For Snare Drum" (Dinzu Artefacts)

This begins with the banging of a drum.  There is a little bit of a scattered pattern behind this, but this all feels like percussion so far.   A slightly hollow tone comes through now, almost like a whistle but more electronic.  The percussion continues to rumble.   We go into the next song which has these same sort of tones coming through in hues.  There is a bit of scraping and then banging is heard in the background, such as metal on metal.   That scraping sound returns but it also feels like it could just be a ball rolling around.

Key tones begin the next song, which come through like a cross between an alarm and a polka.  That rattling comes with them and it feels like a ball is inside of a cup, shaking.   It almost can sound like a stick just whacking something now and the tones continue in this interesting pattern.   We fall into a more traditional sounding drum now and a little bit of whistling type sounds come in behind it.  

The flip side begins with these lonesome drum hits.   A bit of back and forth now and it even begins to start ringing.   This becomes wavy now, in a way which feels hypnotizing.   As it begins to drone out, a static rhythm emerges but that might just be from my tape player.  It's fading now, minimal and down to almost nothing.   It builds back up now with a gallop.  A drum hit and slide, the static returns and stops during this.   The static trembles now as the drums are hit in slow motion.


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