Cassette Review // Shezl​ö​ng "EP" (Les Disques Bleus enregistrements)

The sound of Shezl​ö​ng is of complex acoustics.  There seems like there should be a name for this sound outside of punk rock but I'm not sure what to call it.  In some ways, these songs have elements of Fleetwood Mac but at the same time there are a lot of similarities with artists such as Gogol Bordello and Bella's Bartok.   It's just that punk rock that feels a certain way and Shezl​ö​ng definitely feels it.

This is a four song EP with two songs on each side.  The second song has these big laser synths to start and it just moves.  Some wavy synths are behind it and during a musical breakdown it can also sound like The Doors with these big keys.  This adds another layer to the overall sound so even when you think of it as being in this Gogol Bordello genre it has its own sound within there as well.

On the flip side a driving force begins things.  Within this punk rock comes these guitar patterns which feel foreign to the United States and they just remind me of Gogol Bordello in their delivery because it's almost like something a busker would play if they were really, really good at music (and I guess in that sense they might not be a busker but rather have a band and play actual shows for money)

By the last song there are these fun almost video game type of riffs.  It has this overall vibe it has kept throughout the cassette and going back to that idea earlier of how it can sound like The Doors it ends on those big keys.   If you can think of Gogol Bordello as being similar to Bella's Bartok but yet they're still different- they just feel adjacent- then you can also imagine Shezl​ö​ng as being adjacent to those artists as well yet on their own.  


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