Music Review // Sue Decker "The Lost Ones"


Sue Decker has a sound that's somewhere between country and rock n roll.  This works well because this song, "The Lost Ones", is about a problem which faces every person.   Somewhere between the sounds of Sheryl Crow and Tom Petty, Sue Decker has made guitar notes drive into a melody that can be easy on the ears.

Who are "The Lost Ones"?  It's interesting because as this song begins and you hear the lyrics unfold, "The Lost Ones" seems to be about the homeless population.   It's so frustrating how there can be all of these buildings across this country that are left unoccupied and yet people still live on the streets.   Even here, someone converted an old motel into really expensive apartments and they could have made that a more realistic home.

As this song continues, you'll hear Sue Decker sing and ask questions such as "How did we all become the lost ones?"   I like this idea because it not only shows that none of us really have it all figured out, but also that those people we see who are homeless or in some other type of trouble, well, they aren't really that far removed from us.   That could be us or it could be someone we know one day.

I don't think anyone should be without a home and I don't think we talk about it enough.  I also find it disgusting that people live on the streets while others live in million dollar mansions.   There has to be some middle ground which can be met.   But as this song says: "Feeling powerless to help someone with a loaded gun", I don't know what I can do personally but I do feel like government people need to step up and help.  


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