Music Review // The Bankes Brothers "Walkin'"


The Bankes Brothers have a very distinct sound.   On the surface it feels like indie rock with acoustic undertones, but as the chorus kicks in and this song really takes off you'll begin to hear other influences as well.   Melodies from radio artists such as Neon Trees and Mumford & Sons both collide within this song, as it feels as if both elements of that radio pop and acoustic folk rock are present.

At times this can be dreamy and just remind me of someone like Buddy Holly.  Towards the end there is a start and stop breakdown which has a lot of pure melody to it, which I do so enjoy.  This is where the musical side of this song is really demonstrated because it's not just that straight forward verse-chorus-verse type of song.   There are other layers added within the music and the more that you listen the clearer you can hear them coming out.

"Walkin" is about walking to the beat of your own drum, which I think is important.  In this day and age of social media far too many people follow the crowd.  People have always followed the crowd, but it seems to be more so apparent since social media can kind of help guide people through these "trends".   Just as a song about individuality and doing what you feel is right- even if others don't agree- is a great take away from these lyrics.

But this song goes one step further and brings out these lines: "I might fail at everything I try / At least I tried".  Far too often people can feel defeated before they even started so why try, why bother.   It's better to fail at something, in my opinion, than to do nothing.   The Bankes Brothers shining that light on the idea that it's okay to fail as long as you're trying makes this an even more important song.  


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