Music Review // M'Grasker "Spectrephelia"

If nothing else, this song by M'Grasker should teach you what "Spectrephelia" is, if you are not yet aware of it.   According to a quick Google search, Spectrephelia is the sexual attraction to ghosts, though it can go beyond that but that is the simple definition.    I'm not sure how that would work exactly but I'm not here to kink shame so this song likely has its audience out there, just waiting to find it.

M'Grasker has this overall sound on this song which reminds me of They Might Be Giants.  Some Weezer is in there for good measure, as this is a moderately paced rock song with those big guitars at times.  Whether it's because of the actual sound or the subject matter, this also has strong vibes which make me think it could appear on a modern episode of "Scooby Doo".   Granted that would be more of a cartoon with a mature theme, but nonetheless, it could be there.

Different lyrics within this song will tell you what it's about, whether or not you know the definition.  The first lines that strike me are: "Is this drugs or is this my real life", as maybe the ghost can just feel like a hallucination and the whole ordeal can be like a dream.  But as the song goes on, lines such as "Physical or not / One touch is never enough" begin to fall into place with what the theme of the song is.

There is a sort of sweet way around this song as well, if you just imagine a couple in love and then one of them dies but remains a ghost with the living person.   It feels like something Hollywood has done before but perhaps needs a modern touch.  Still, the idea of seeing ghosts is enough to stop some people without even thinking about what this song wants to do to them.   Perhaps if you're not into the subject matter you can get carried away by the melodies.  


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