Music Review // Mama B "Unicorn"

Hearing the pop melodies of Mama B on the song "Unicorn" makes me feel like we're taking a magical ride.   With the name Mama B (and doing a little research) I've found that this song is geared towards children, but I think it's the type of song that a parent can put on for their child but also not be annoyed by.   There are certainly enough songs out there that are for children that I'd like to never hear again (I'm looking at you, Baby Shark)

More towards a show like "Yo Gabba Gabba", Mama B has an infectious sound.  This lyric video is animated so it also provides stimulation for children who might not yet be able to read.  I think a large of learning to read is seeing the words and hearing them at the same time.  So for children to watch this video, they can recognize the words on screen and begin to learn to read.  In that way, this is definitely educational, so it's well worth the time to put on for your young ones.

While "Unicorn" is an upbeat pop song there is something to it which can be taken in the lyrics to give it a deeper meaning.  Yes, there is that surface value that makes it feel like "My Little Pony" to an extent, but lyrics such as "A dream I've had that's come to life" could just as easily be about a rainbow filled adventure as it could be about the impact of having a child.  Again, this is the type of song I feel both child and parent will relate with.

As an adult, as a parent, if I had one piece of advice for others in general it'd be to just cherish each of these individual moments in time.  That experience that you have isn't going to be the same as it is for some else, so that is special and unique to you.   Finding those moments, those unicorns in life, is what I think it's really about.   Mama B has found that positivity and maybe we can come closer to being a society that values experiences over material things. 


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