Music Review // iskwē "A Little Piece"

When it comes to iskwē, you always know the music is going to be special.   This is pop with these electro beats and other sounds which put it somewhere along the lines of Flora Cash, Polly Scattergood and (tightrope) without actually sounding like any of them completely.  There is also something about this song which takes me back to the 1990's, specifically with "The Crow" soundtrack.  

In many ways, this music video seems to be acting out what's going on within the song.  The chorus has the lyrics "A little piece had died / A little piece of mind / A little peace inside".   This, in and of itself, is an interesting concept, but when you take it into the context of the verses, with lines like "My mind fooled me for / Twelve hours in a day / I stayed awake at night", it makes me think this is about insomnia.

People don't seem to talk about insomnia enough, but it can lead to some serious mental issues, as it can directly affect your brain.   This song should bring more awareness to that, but it might also be about something bigger.  The line in the first verse that says "While I wiped away / Two tears from my face" turns into four tears on the next verse.   In that sense, it feels almost as if iskwē is torn between two worlds.

I'm a firm believer in the idea that art doesn't always have to make sense and there doesn't need to be a clear answer for it.   With this song, perhaps the true meaning will only be known by iskwē.   There is a sense of loss within this song as well, but the music is unique enough to pull you in and even if you only feel it on the surface as someone losing their mind over a lack of sleep it is still worth listening to often.  


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