Cassette Review // The Electric Nature "We Will Burn This Place To the Fucking Ground" (We, Here and Now!)

Guitar notes and horns blaring begin this one.  We go darker into bass and the guitar notes begin to come through with intensity.   Windy now, the guitars have a little bit of that 90210 feeling going on.  As this grows louder it just creates that sound which can fill a room.   The way this can wah-wah though also makes it feel like the blues, as the cymbals crash and the percussion begins to make itself more known.

As the guitar rattles, cymbals crash and everything just begins coming down now to the point where this just feels like destruction.  The very soul of this music becomes a force to be reckoned with.   This is just such an onslaught, but also a great way to be reminded how brutal music can be without having to fall into the genres of metal or hardcore.   This one guitar line comes through louder than the rest now, but it all just still feels that force.

All of these sounds begin coming together in a way which sounds like horns honking in traffic.  It's very heavy now but also just chaotic.   The guitar is still finding the way to make itself be heard, cutting through the distortion and how all of the other sounds can blend together, outside of those cymbal crashes which keep reigning down.   Loud sounds come through now, like sirens and this one has just become all sorts of hectic.  

On the flip side we begin things much quieter, much more minimal.  Some shuffling around and a few guitar notes to start things off.   The guitar begins to come through with that rambling note sound.  I hear spoken words now, as if this is live and people are talking in the crowd.   As the guitars come through now, shaky, it can also sound like a swarm of bees.  Notes come in now and it feels like a piano is falling apart.   Electronic skramz now fill the sound.  

Everything comes through scattered now and it dives back into chaos.   Things slow down and the guitar notes come through winding, like an old western.  The rambling returns with these back and forth sharper notes.   This all dives into a deep bass now.   It feels like we're going underwater.   Sharp tones cut through the distortion now and this is a noisy symphony.   As we reach the end, it feels like the waves are just washing us out to sea.  


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